L E A R N  T O  E A T  F O R  T H E  R E S T  O F  Y O U R  L I F E ! 

for women ready to experience food and lifestyle freedom using Macro Nutrition. Kickstart your weight loss and discover the most sustainable way to maintain your results for good!


W H A T   I S   F I X   M Y   E A T S ?

Fix My Eats is a 6-week group coaching experience designed for women who have tried two or more diets but are still struggling to get great results. Inside this evidence-based program, you will learn the basics of macro counting and how macro nutrition can help you reach your goals, stay accountable, and show you how to make macros work for you.

 You will understand the basics of macros: what they are, why they work, and how to count and track them accurately. Using the tools inside, you’ll not only know the ins and outs of macros but how to make them work for your lifestyle. Stop allowing gimmicky diets to steal your joy. No more weight loss rollercoaster, no more serial dieting. Get the results-based system and expert support you need to reach your goals once and for all.